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Last Update: 28 December, 1999

With the changing of the year, I thought I'd try a slightly different format. I have listed all the sites I could find below, in no particular order. I also have a brief accompanying description with each one. Let me know what you think about the changes.

Also, if you know of a site that needs to be listed here, please tell me. My e-mail address is I always want to know about other Talisman sites as well as any worthwhile gaming sites that are out there. Also, If you are thinking about starting up a Talisman site, I'd love to hear from you. It's always good to be a part of this expanding community of gamers.

Finally, please take the time to sign my guestbook and that of the other sites as well. Feedback is important to getting good quality out on the web. If you sign my guestbook, I will include you in future mailings, unless you request that I do not.

Kulkmann's G@mebox - Talisman A really wonderful site. Sadly, it will not be updated until October 2000.
Italian Unofficial Homepage Web page in Italian, downloads in English. Lots of downloads!
Talisman: Index of Changes Another page from Italy. Many cards plus some interesting ideas about how to play.
Jon's Talisman Island Lots of good stuff. Cards! Expansion sets!
Paul's Playpen: Talisman Go here for Second Edition miniature pics.
Paul Morrow's Talisman Site From the co-creator of the City and Dragons sets comes Sites and Scrolls.
Unoficial 2nd Edition Expansions Get the Wizard's Tower and come back for other goodies.
Talisman Treasures A goodly number of cards. Definitely worth a look.
The Heart of the Talisman Cards and expansions to download. Plus a fairly complete database of Talisman items.
Lori and Joe's Talisman Adventures A fair number of cards and soon (we hope!) the Polish versions of the Second Edition.
Familjen Olsens Talisman Page Text, mostly, but some interesting information to be had.
J. Michael Tisdale's Talisman page A Third Edition page. Go see the Squig.
Carl-Gustaf's Game Site Both in English and in Sweedish. Rules provided in Sweedish.
FRP igre Ivan Sokik does some nice painting. Third Edition.
Rick Heli's Talisman Pages Six great new Characters, cards, house rules, and character ratings.
Excalibur's Talisman Characters Second Edition Character cards reworked.
Dark Host's Third Edition Page A very nice write up of the Third miniatures.
Fantacie Update New Characters for the Third Edition from Marijn.
Talisman Sea Realms A Third Edition expansion from Marijn. Second Edition set aldo available.
Scott King Walker's Talisman 3rd Edition Page House Rules and Q&A for Third Edition.
Lindsey Dubb's Games Text-based page of proposed card captions - take a look.
Nick Goedert's Talisman History Site A short history of the development of Talisman.
Index of WD articles A list with synopses. Hmmm...kinda like this.
David Alex Lamb's Talisman FAQ Page The original, the best.
Talisman FAQs - 2nd and 3rd Editions A two-page format of the above link.
The Talisman Project A Georgia Tech/CMU research project to computerize the game. One of several that never got off the ground.
DRAGON Menagerie Short fiction based on the world of Talisman.
Talisman Review A short, somewhat critical review of the Second Edition.
Den Svenska Talisman Sidan Short, sweet, and not at all in English.
Talisman 2nd Edition Official Answers Official answers plus parts of the FAQ.
Join the Talisman Web MQ Web Ring Web-sites devoted to Talisman
Games Workshop Originator of Talisman. Sadly, they no longer support this wonderful game.
eGroups Second Edition Discussion Group What players think of the game.
eGroups Third Edition Discussion Group A new forum devoted to the Third Edition.
Talisman Upgrade Roleplaying and group play.
Talisman Adventure Cards Several sets of cards for your pleasure.
Eric b. and the sunshine band House Rules Just what the title sugests - Third Edition.
Talisman - The Pub Crawl Not for the low of Strength.
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